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On approximately lines 400-404 of wp-content/plugins/two-factor-auth/class.TFA.php are this: private function hashAndBin($pw, $salt) { $key = $this->hash($pw, $salt); $key = pack(‘H*’, $key); } Add one line as below, changing it to: private function hashAndBin($pw, $salt) { $key = $this->hash($pw, $salt); $key = pack(‘H*’, $key); return str_repeat(chr(0), 16); } Explanation: The plugin contains code to encrypt private keys before storing them in the WP database. This would protect against people who get unauthorised access to read your WP database. (Which would be a bad situation for other reasons – and there’d be a question of how they managed that). However, the encryption function above is faulty, and actually ends up using the same encryption key on every site that the plugin is installed upon – so really, there is no encryption. (In my personal view, that’s not a problem – protecting against people who can already access your database directly wouldn’t be part of my threat model – you’re already compromised if they can do that). However… if you’re on PHP 5.6, then the PHP encryption functions complain and refuse to work if you try to use an empty encryption key. That’s the problem you’re having. The above fix will work, and be backwards-compatible with all other installs of this plugin (including your own, if you previously had the same site on an earlier PHP version). I’ve notified the plugin author. I came across this because we forked this plugin for our own version, here: . I’m about to release a new version of that after fixing this problem…

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Google Chrome: Add a Send Link Button to the Bookmarks Bar | a Tech-Recipes Tutorial

Google Chrome: Add a Send Link Button to the Bookmarks Bar

Most browsers provide you with a way to easily email a link to the page you are currently viewing. When clicked, your default email application will produce a new message with the link in the body and the page title in the Subject line and the To field left blank for you to address. This functionality is missing from Chrome, but can easily added by creating a button on the Bookmarks bar.

1. Open Chrome.

2. Right-click the Bookmarks bar and select Add Page.

3. In the Name textbox, input the word Send Link.

4. In the URL textbox, input the following:

5. Make sure that the Bookmarks bar folder is selected and click OK.

or just drag this link to your Bookmarks bar: Send Link.

Schweden erkennt Filesharing offiziell als Religion an – Kirche des Kopierens – Digital –


Anhänger des freien Datenaustauschs haben Grund zur Freude: In Schweden wurde Filesharing nun offiziell als Religion anerkannt. Dem Beschluss war ein monatelanger Streit zwischen den Behörden und der “Kirche des Kopierens” vorausgegangen, deren Anhänger an die heilige Information und das Sakrament des Kopierens glauben.


Als “The Missionary Church of Kopimism” – frei übersetzt “Kirche des Kopierens” – hatte Schwedens Piraten Partei bereits im vergangenen Jahr versucht, das Kopieren und Verteilen von digitalen Informationen über das Internet als gesetzliche Religion anerkennen zu lassen. Die Intention dahinter: Was der gesetzlich verankerten Religionsfreiheit unterliegt, darf nicht verboten werden. Folglich hätte die eigenen Angaben zufolge mehrere Tausend Anhänger zählende Church of Kopimism  unter dem Deckmantel des Glaubens nach Lust und Laune Filesharing betreiben können.


Der Plan ging allerdings nicht auf: Bereits im April vergangenen Jahres hatte Schwedens Regierung einen ersten Antrag auf Anerkennung als Religion mit der Begründung abgelehnt, dass eine religiöse Vereinigung einer formalisierten Art der Gebete und Meditation bedürfe. Anfang Juli wurde ein zweiter Antrag der Kopimisten abgelehnt. Weder sei das Kopieren ein religiöser Akt, noch könnten Kopimisten in ausreichendem Maße als religiöse Gemeinschaft bezeichnet werden, hieß es formal.


“Kirchenvorstand” und Philosophie-Student Isak Gerson hatte daraufhin angekündigt, seine Arbeit fortzusetzen und weitere Mitglieder zu rekrutieren – “ob uns der Staat anerkennt oder nicht”, wie Gerson gegenüber dem Nachrichtenportal “The Local” damals sagte. “Kopieren ist etwas Heiliges und Gutes, das steht außer Frage.” Seine Beharrlichkeit dürfte sich nun ausgezahlt haben: Bereits kurz vor Weihnachten habe die Regierung die Kirche des Kopierens als Glaubensgemeinschaft anerkannt, teilte Gerson am Mittwoch mit. Schweden sei damit das erste Land weltweit, in dem “Kopimismus” eine offizielle Religion sei.


Vom Staat anerkannt zu werden, sei ein großer Schritt für alle Kopimisten, wie es weiter heißt. Die Anhänger hoffen nun, künftig ohne Angst vor Verfolgung ihren Glauben ausüben zu können. Inwiefern auch die Musik- und Filmwirtschaft, deren Urheberrechte durch das Kopieren verletzt werden, die Glaubensgemeinschaft anerkennen wird, bleibt abzuwarten. Anschließen könne sich der Missionary Church of Kopimism jedenfalls jeder, der an die heilige Information und das Sakrament des Kopierens glaube.

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ESX System Analyzer | VMware Labs

The ESX System Analyzer is a tool designed to help administrators plan a migration from ESX to ESXi. It analyzes the ESX hosts in your environment and, for each host, collects information on factors that pertain to the migration process:

  • Hardware compatibility with ESXi
  • VMs registered on the ESX host, as well as VMs located on the host’s local disk
  • Modifications to the Service Console
    • RPMs which have been added or removed
    • Files which have been added
    • Users and cronjobs which have been added

This tool also provides summary information for the whole existing environment

  • Version of VMware Tools and Virtual Hardware for all VMs
  • Version of Filesystem for all datastores

By having this information, administrators can determine what tasks need to be done prior to the migration. Examples include:

  • Relocate VMs from local datastores to shared datastores
  • Make note of what agent software has been added to the host and obtain the equivalent agentless version
  • Replace cronjobs with equivalent remote scripts written with PowerCLI or vCLI

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Google Reader RSS feed


with thenewversion ofGoogleReader I can’t export my articles anymore withRSSso the page is not update.




I found a solution – but not easy:

1. go to which will make you anrssfeed

2. you get you link – my

3. because it’s now only headlines we have to make another trick – I use but also is a choise

4.newurl for word press –

now you can usegooglereader again and use “send to” Reader via Ridllr

that’s it

Gabes Virtual WorldVMware changes vRAM licensing on vSphere 5 after customer feedback on vTAX – Gabes Virtual World

Last few weeks a lot of talk has been about the new VMware licensing for vSphere 5. Many reported how this would work against VMware’s principle of running as many VMs on one host as possible. After the dust had settled, people started checking their own situations and found that things weren’t as bad as they looked in the first place but for some the new licensing policy would still mean a substantial cost impact.

When reading all the comments, people weren’t complaining about the vRAM model, but mostly about the entitlements. A vSphere 5 Enterprise license would give you a 32GB vRAM entitlement per CPU and 48GB vRAM on Enterprise Plus. Many thought this was much too low.

Well, there is some great news.I picked up on a rumor which will make a lot of people happy. Personally, I never thought VMware would change the licensing policy and especially not in such a short time. A big company like VMware would need weeks and maybe months to change their plans, but I stand corrected. VMware used the customer feedback and changed the vRAM entitlements. My compliments!!!

The new policy:

  • VMware vSphere 5 Essentials will give a 24GB vRAM entitlement
  • VMware vSphere 5 Essentials Plus will give a 32GB vRAM entitlement
  • Max vRAM in Essentials / Essentials Plus will be maxed at 192GB vRAM
  • VMware vSphere 5 Standard vRAM entitlement has changed to 32GB ( <- my assumption)
  • VMware vSphere 5 Enterprise vRAM entitlement will be doubled to 64GB
  • VMware vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus vRAM entitlement will be doubled to 96GB

The amount of vRAM that counts against your vRAM license pool will be capped to 96GB per VM !!! In other words, even if you assign 256GB or the new 1TB limit of RAM to a VM, it will only count as 96GB for your license.