VMworld 2011 Video – Mythbusters Goes Virtual

Due to the popularity of the “Mythbusters Goes Virtual” session and survey results, it will be repeated Thursday at 12:30 the session it will take place in San Polo 3404.

When you run across Mythbusters Goes Virtual, keep in mind I will guarantee that after attending this session, you will take your notes and change a thing or two in your own data-center – promise :-) Please join Mattias Sundling and Eric Sloof Thursday at 12:30

Some things never change, or do they? vSphere is getting new and improved features with every release. These features change the characteristics and performance of the virtual machines. If you are not up to speed, you will probably manage your environment based on old and inaccurate information. The vMythbusters have collected a series of interesting hot topics that we have seen widely discussed in virtualization communities, on blogs and on Twitter. We’ve put these topics to the test in our lab to determine if they are a myth or not.

VMworld Labs

If you have ever attended VMworld before – you’ll know that one of the top experiences are the VMware Labs. You know there’s an awful lot of talk and powerpoint at these kind of the events, and the VMware Labs offer an excellent chance to escape hot-air, and actually get your hands dirty with the technology. I think I will be doing a number myself as part of my research for the “Hotel California” book. It’s going to have a lot of technologies I’ve never ever touched before, and I see the VMware Labs as a good opportunity to dip my toe in the water – so to speak.

All labs are self-paced and walk-up. So there aren’t massive lines with labs only starting at set times. That’s a thing of the past. The labs are delivered though a dedicate “lab cloud”, and the lab guys who build this stuff are real pioneers within VMware. For example they were one of the first groups to use “nested ESX” – ESX inside a VM, to ease the spinning up of various environments. So if you like VMware Labs is a real example of VMware “eating its own dog food”…

Here’s a graphic that shows how the Labs are being delivered to Las Vegas…

You can see VMworld Labs by solution here: http://www.vmworld.com/community/conference/us/learn/sessions-labs

Here’s some exclusive behind the scenes views of the VMware Labs being built out… Great job, guys!

After doing my key labs I’m hoping to catch-up with subject matter experts at the Genius Bar. Despite my rather good contacts with VMware my links tend to be restricted to certain product silos – such as vSphere, View, SRM, vCD and vCHBS. But I know there are vast swathes of the company that I have little or no contact with. So I’m seeing this as chance to pick up a few business cards – to act as the first contact with those different product groups.