How to configure Multi-NIC-vMotion in VMware vSphere 5

We have two new videos for your viewing pleasure today. Both videos discuss and demonstrate the processes involved with configuring Multi-NIC-vMotion in vSphere 5.0

The first video details the process relating to a Standard vSwitch and the second video shows the process concerning a Distributed vSwitch.

Both of these videos were created with the assistance and guidance of our friend Duncan Epping over at Yellow Bricks. Thanks Duncan!

We hope you enjoy these videos!


Talk of the Town – VSphere 5 Licensing

A somewhat surprising popular topic at the moment considering the amazing features announced by VMware this week is vSphere 5 Licensing, so says Alan Renouf, a Senior Technical Marketing Architect here at VMware.

Alan has just posted a blog post: vSphere 5 License Entitlements where he speaks to the confusion and misunderstanding of the new licensing model.

Alan also provides a powerful script that you can run on your current system to determine where you stand when you decide to upgrade to vSphere 5. Here is a demo video of that script.

Be sure to head on over to Alan's blog to pick up the source script.