My View 4.5 Guide is now FREE to download

Well, I think the blogpost title kind of says it all. As of today my View 4.5 Guide is now completely free to download.

Why I have a decided to this. Well, for a couple of reasons.

1. View 4.6 was released today – introducing new functionality. In particular the Security Server is now compatible with PCoIP. It’s always been my policy that as new version comes out. I either write an update – or I make the previous edition free – this was the case with the SRM 1.0 and 4.0 books. If you want to learn about 4.6 new functionality watch this video below its great!

VMware View 4.6 PCoIP Remote Access from Mark Benson on Vimeo.

2. It unlikely I will have time to finish the View 4.5 book, or indeed update it so it covers the new features of View 4.6. I wasn’t made privy to the new features of the 4.6 release or indeed have early access to the code. My focus for the next couple of quarters is in writing 3rd edition of my SRM book. The bottom-line is I haven’t the hours in the day to write for TechTarget and write two books at the same time – and do the chinwag, vendorwags, speak at UGs… The list goes on…

3. This week I discovered the PDF version of my book had gone on to a dubious website. As you might know – the $10 I was collecting for the View 4.5 Guide was going to UNICEF. Now the book has leaked out in this way, it seems likely that people will get hold of copy of the View 4.5 guide without that charitable donation being made. So as away of heading those people off at the pass, I thought I would release it for free today.

Erm… and that’s about the size of it. If someone out there feels they would like to take up the baton, and take my content – and complete and update it to View 4.6 I would be interested. We would then re-release the guide for free on RTFM, and I would happily share the credit with the individual concerned. Of course my name would be in super-huge letters, and your name would appear in Font size 8. [JOKE] :-D

The guide is still available to buy in hard-copy format with no royalties attached, and PDF version up there is free download as well. You can of course download the guide directly from my site as of today. If you a blogger – please point to this page – as it all counts against my hits.

Click at the pic to download:

Win a copy of Edward Haletky’s new book

I recently received an extra copy of Edward Haletky’s new book that was just released, VMware ESX and ESXi in the Enterprise. This is a second edition of his original book and covers up to vSphere 4.1. I was trying to think of a contest idea to give my extra copy away and thought I would keep it simple. I have a number between 1 and 100 the first one to guess it in the comments wins it. Only one guess per person, I have your IP addresses so no cheating, make sure you leave a valid email address in the appropriate field, it isn’t published so nobody sees it. Let the guessing begin!

Update: Eric Wright wins with 42 (answer to life the universe and everything for you Douglas Adam fans)